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Episode 45 :
Allie Wilson: Consistency is Key

In Episode #45 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview professional runner and Atlanta Track Club (ATC) athlete Allie Wilson. Allie ran three competitive seasons a year in college (indoor and outdoor track and cross country) and now races at the 800m distance internationally. She talks in the interview about the factors that she loves about running but also is very candid about the challenges that she faces in her own training as well as disappointments from performances in which she did not hit the times or place that she wanted. Allie talks about her maturation as a runner through her collegiate career and into her beginnings as a professional runner when moving to Atlanta.   

During the interview, Allie explores the keys she has found in her own training that she feels have contributed to her success including her consistency in training efforts, trusting in her coaches’ training plans, and prioritizing sleep and nutrition among other factors. She also talks about her appreciation in having found such a unique and overwhelmingly positive running culture and a supportive team to train within the Atlanta Track Club. She also discusses her experience as a professional runner and her gratitude for having the ability to run and train as her main “day” job without the stress of working a job outside of running. She talks about a typical “day in the life” of a professional runner including often getting in multiple workouts per day, prioritizing active recovery practices such as using ice or compression boots, massage, and making sure to optimize nutrition and sleep.


The interview also includes moments and stories that exemplify Allie’s humility and grace and make her very relatable for the human experiences that she shares with recreational runners. Dr. Kacy and Kate talk about Allie’s strengths as a teammate to other athletes in the ATC crew and her position as a leader amongst the team. Finally, Allie, shares a story about a pivotal 800m race this year in which she fell at the finish line and the social media hype that this clip inspired. She also dispels myths about what actually happened during that race…so, check out the full podcast episode to hear her side of this story and more!




Twitter: @allieOcho

Instagram: @allie_oop9

Atlanta Track Club Profile:

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Episode 44 :
Dr. Jay Dicharry: All Aboard the Mobo Board

In Episode #44 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview physical therapist, author, and running researcher Dr. Jay Dicharry. Jay is a running aficionado, having performed gait evaluations on thousands of runners in his biomechanics research lab, worked with many runners to rehab injuries as a physical therapist, and spent countless hours training for triathlon races. During the interview, they talk about reframing the identity of endurance athletes (i.e., you don’t have to run a marathon to think of yourself as a “runner”), the importance of strength training for endurance athletes, running footwear choices, and tips on training and improving runners’ form.

Jay explains three key factors that he prioritizes when working with running athletes including developing adequate rotational strength at the feet, hips, and trunk; improving postural endurance, and accommodating for individual differences in structure and alignment. He goes on to explain how he developed a training tool to improve foot control in runners (i.e., the Mobo board) and some of the patterns of muscle weakness and poor dynamic control that he often sees and works to correct in runners. They also talk about Jay’s books “Anatomy for Runners” and “Running Rewired” that Jay has written for running athletes that seek to explain some of his philosophy on optimizing runners’ strength and form to enhance performance and reduce injury risk. If you are eager to learn more about the nuances of foot control, training tips, and fun commentary on running culture we highly recommend giving this episode a listen!



Jay’s Books:

(2012): Anatomy for Runner’s: Unlocking Your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Recovery

(2017): Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed


Blog Post (Dr. Kacy Seynders, PT, DPT): “Magic of the Mobo Board”:

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Episode 43 :
Lower Back Pain ? We've Got Your Back.

In Episode #43 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk all about low back pain in runners. They talk about some common experiences that runners or athletes may have of precursors to injury or adaptations to body areas that are painful. They also discuss how sometimes issues that may seem like they are coming from the hip or leg can really be issues that start in the back! They talk about common symptoms that are clues to low back pain or low back “dysfunction,” such as numbness or tingling in the legs or arms, always feeling “tight,” or even just having a nagging discomfort or stiffness. Kate and Kacy have so much experience treating runners that they can often key in on potential treatments that could be beneficial and pick up a lot of information from watching a runner’s form and body mechanics while running.

 Kacy even talks about trying to do a “gait analysis” on her own running form and some factors that she has worked on to improve her own running. Kate and Kacy then talk about the variety of potential contributors to persisting low back pain and some treatment options for improving low back pain.


This episode has so much great information about identifying potential causes of low back pain and how to address these different causes of low back pain. It is definitely worth a listen!  

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Episode 42 :
It's Bananas Not to Take Care of Your Health

In Episode #42 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk about their newly launched company: Fast Bananas! Fast Bananas is a company with a mission to change running culture! Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk about how Fast Bananas addresses runners’ health in a whole new way. Fast Bananas is the exciting culmination of Dr. Kate’s years of experience treating runners, researching running science, and talking to the best coaches and experts on runners’ health. It is bananas to think that your health as a runner is just represented by physical factors. There is so much more to health than physical factors. Emotional, mental, and spiritual factors play a big role as well and that is why Fast Bananas is so special.

Fast Bananas offers 2 Resources for Runners’ health. The first resource is an online resource center and subscription service with instructional videos from the best of the best experts including videos from three strength coaches, two sports psychologists and a mindset coach, two nutritionists, many physical therapists, running coaches, yoga coaches…and many more! The second resource is a “Runner’s Toolkit” which has fun and useful items to help with improving runner’s holistic health including a lacrosse ball, coloring book, journal, candle to relax, and a fun trucker’s hat!


Fast Bananas has so much to offer, including many many banana jokes! So stop monkeying around and give this episode a listen!


Instagram: @FastBananasRun

Facebook: Fast Bananas Run

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Episode 41:
Liz Northern: Marathoning, Mom-ing, and Beyond

In Episode #41 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview accomplished distance runner, mom, and former Guinness world record holder, Liz Northern. Liz’s running accolades include placing 5th at the world 50K championship in 2019, being the USATF 50K national champion in 2019 and100k national champion in 2021 and most recently placing 16th at the IAU world 100k championships held on August 27th, 2022 in Berlin, Germany! She even held the Guinness world record for running a 10k while pushing a double stroller!

In the interview, Liz discusses her entry into running after suffering a severe knee injury as a 16-year-old while performing a jump in a dance routine (Liz danced competitively up until this injury and was involved in ballet, tap, and jazz dance). She continued to run in college, walking on at NCAA Division III, Trinity University, where she excelled in both track and cross country. After college, Liz continued to put in the running miles, many of these while pushing her children in her running stroller, and gradually increased her racing distances along the way. She started racing competitively again and continued to stay competitive, this time excelling at the marathon distance and even raced in the 2016 and 2020 olympic marathon trials. Since then she has upped her distance to 50k and 100k races, where she has represented the U.S. team on the national stage.

Liz talks candidly in the interview about some of the challenges she has faced such as getting back into running as a new mom and racing these longer distances. She discusses some of her tips and tricks to reintegrate running into her life as a new mom including creating a competitive running group, The Forth Worth Distance Project, and the structure and support that created for her. Ultimately, Liz has an amazing ability to stay lighthearted in her approach to life and running all while participating in regular 4am long runs while still prioritizing family in her afternoon and evening routine. We know you will love listening to Liz tell her running story and stay tuned for the wisdom she sprinkles throughout this interview on how to keep training fun and realistic while prioritizing family and the joy that she has had integrating these two passions of hers!

Fort Worth Distance Project:


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Episode 40:  
Erin Carson: Strength Training That Endures

In Episode #40 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview strength coach, gym owner and athlete, Erin Carson. Erin grew up as a competitive youth basketball player in Canada and ultimately went on to play for the Canadian National team and also coach basketball. During her athletic career (and prior to making the national team), she was told that she would need to get stronger in order to remain competitive and this motivated her to start strength training on her own. After attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, and settling in Boulder, Erin become involved in the endurance athlete community as a gym owner and strength coach and now specializes in strength training for endurance athletes.

During the podcast interview, Erin talks about some of the important nuances that she uses when programming strength training into a distance runner or endurance athlete’s schedule. She also talks about the importance of changing strength training parameters based on the athlete’s competition and training schedule, overall recovery, and even mood! Erin explains some of her decision making when creating individualized training plans for athletes and some of her favorite strength exercises for endurance athletes. She also talks about the influences that led her to want to become a strength and conditioning coach and her passion for this line of work. She discusses her philosophy of strength training in prioritizing four key pillars of health, science movement, and strength. Erin also talks about her gym Rally Sport in Boulder, CO and some of the elite endurance athletes that she has trained including Kara and Adam Goucher. If you are an endurance athlete and interested in how to maximize the benefits from strength training, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Check Out Erin Carson’s Strength Business at:


Check Out Erin Carson’s Gym at:

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Episode 39: 
Kirk Larson: Mastering Aging and Slowing Down 

In Episode #39 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview accomplished master’s athlete Kirk Larson, who has been running for 47 years. Kirk’s accolades include having been a member of of 21 national championship teams with master’s 60+ and 70+ Atlanta track club teams, he has medaled at every distance from 1 mile to 50k at the USATF national championships, and nearly every year his “age-graded” times have improved.

They discuss Kirk’s introduction to running in graduate school, his love of how running makes him feel, and his competitive successes as a master’s athlete. They also discuss some of his training and recovery habits and especially those that he feels have kept him healthy and running for such a long (and successful!) career. Kirk describes how he schedules his training including speed work, hills workouts, and long runs over a 5 day per week schedule. He also emphasizes the importance that he has placed on stretching, physical therapy, and other recovery tactics such as massage. They also talk about the idea of, “age grading,” that allows an individual to predict what times may be expected at different ages, which can be incredibly motivating for athletes as they watch their race times (necessarily!) get slower as they age. Kirk’s passion for the sport of running and his engagement in the running community are truly inspiring. You will not want to miss this conversation with Kirk Larson!

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Episode 38: 
Dr. Amy Bender: Sleep For Sports


In Episode #38 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview athlete and sleep researcher, Dr. Amy Bender, and talk all about how sleep quantity and quality can influence performance. Dr. Bender discusses some of the myths and facts surrounding what constitutes good sleep for recovery and why we should care as endurance athletes! 

She also discusses how to optimize sleep during periods of life in which we may not be able to control our sleep as much, such as when negotiating the time of being a new parent. Dr. Bender talks about the accuracy (or not!) of certain wearable technology such as the Oura ring or Whoop band and how to best use these devices to track sleep. She also talks about some of her research in a controlled sleep lab and some of the exciting innovations that her team is working on! If you have ever wondered about what role sleep plays in your recovery and success as an endurance athlete, we know you will love this episode!   

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Episode 37: 
37: Safety, Strava, and Social Media


In episode #37 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy discuss running safety, social media use among runners and the use of fitness tracking platforms such as Strava. They begin with an objective but sobering look at some statistics regarding harassment among female runners. They also talk about ways to improve safety and reduce risk of adverse events when running. Unfortunately, some of the harassment experienced by high profile female runners has involved the use of social media sites and so Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk about how runners might use social media to promote positive outcomes and decrease potential harassment.

They also discuss some potential downsides to the fitness tracking platform Strava such as becoming overly competitive with online runners or feeling more peer pressure to look a certain way or train or race a certain way due to comparison with elite runners (who have a huge advantage over those of us who run recreationally, because let’s face it...running is their JOB!). We hope you will give this episode a listen and spread the word among your running community to improve safety while running!

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Episode 36: 
Jenny Breuer: Title IX, A Seat at a Table, and a Spot on the Start Line


In episode #36 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview runner, coach, mom and Title IX scholar Jenny Breuer. Jenny discusses some of the historic gender inequities in sports including growing up as a distance runner in Florida and her experience in high school cross country where at that time the girls raced two miles whereas the boys’ team raced 3 miles. She talks about the evolution of Title IX over its 50 years (June 23rd, 2022 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Title IX) and some of the recent, “wins,” for women in sports including the U.S. women’s soccer team negotiating for equal pay to the men’s team. She also tells her story as the head coach for Trinity University’s Women’s and Men’s track and cross-country teams and the sacrifices she made as a female coach, including travelling for races and coaching duties even while her children were quite young. 

She tells the story of pumping breast milk for her young children while on the road as a coach and finding privacy for this in less than desirable locations including pumping in race day port-a-pottys!

Jenny is well versed in Title IX legislation from her experiences as a collegiate all-American distance runner, coaching winning teams in track and cross-country at the NCAA Division III level, and as a Title IX scholar and academic. She conducted her master’s thesis on Title IX in 1996 and went on to teach university-level sports administration courses in which Title IX legislation was part of the curricula. Jenny has fought for her own athletic opportunities as a woman and continues to advocate for women’s opportunities in athletics. She talks about the value of sports to teach life lessons such as persevering through struggle and experiencing successes and failures and learning how to deal with these experiences. If you are a champion of women’s sports, this episode will be sure to capture your interest! Give it a listen for more on this inspiring discussion of women in sports and look at Title IX across its 50-year history.

NCAA Title IX Resources & 50th Anniversary Materials:

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Episode 35: 
Heal Your Heel: Plantar Fasciitis

In episode #35 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy discuss a common foot injury in runners, plantar fasciitis. They talk about possible contributors to developing this ‘overuse’ type injury as well as signs and symptoms that are consistent with this pathology. They also elaborate on other potential causes of foot and heel pain and when to seek out help from a physical therapist (hint: as soon as you are having pain running!). Also in the episode, you’ll hear about the treatment techniques that they have had success with in treating hundreds of runners and their extensive experience in gait analysis and retraining. If you have ever had foot pain when you run or walk and want to know more, this episode is for you!

To learn more about Gait Analysis, listen to Episode #19:

More Than Miles Episode #19: Gait Analysis: Behind the Foot Strike


To book an in person or online gait analysis with Dr. Kate or Dr. Kacy, check out:

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Episode 34: 
Molly Huddle & Sara Slattery: How She Did It

In episode #34 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview authors of recently published running book, “How She Did It: Stories, Advice, and Secrets to Success from Fifty Legendary Distance Runners,” Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery. Molly and Sara are both themselves accomplished competitive runners and their book takes a look into some of the careers of female runners who paved the way!

They talk about the process of gathering stories and interviews from these many amazing female runners and of writing and promoting the book. Molly and Sara also talk about the importance of these stories in communicating healthy training practices for female runners in terms of nutrition, training volume, and recovery practices. During the interview, these women emphasize that it is possible to train in healthy ways throughout the lifespan of a female athlete, though each period of life may bring up different challenges. They describe how using stories from other successful athletes engaging in healthy practices can encourage a healthy relationship with running and is especially important for young girls beginning running to have positive role models and example behaviors.


Some of the other issues they bring up include negotiating running and fueling appropriately as a female runner going through puberty and important factors to consider when running during and after pregnancy. These women explain how a running career is best viewed as an investment process and taking the time to build up training in healthy ways while supporting overall health leads to the most success and best health outcomes. You will hear how they have negotiated different points in their running careers, Sara’s experience as a collegiate coach for both male and female runners at Grand Canyon University, negotiating recovery from injuries, and more. They discuss some of the most rewarding aspects of running including the friendships and comradery they have both experienced with each other and in the running community. This episode and stories from these accomplished runners (and authors!) are sure to inspire your running journey!

How She Did It Book:


The Keeping-Track Podcast:

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Episode 33: 
Kara Goucher: Running is for You

In episode #33 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview two time Olympian and running phenom Kara Goucher. They first talk about how her grandfather inspired her love of running and how he ran into his 90s; later on continuing to run on a reduced-body weight treadmill. They also talk about the evolution of Kara’s running career and maturation during high school and into college where she faced pressure from others and herself to strive for a certain body image and was self admittedly not getting the proper nutrition for her sport. Kara also discusses some of the injuries she sustained because of this unhealthy pattern and her journey of learning about fueling for her sport in healthy ways.

Dr. Kacy joins in to emphasize the importance that they both feel now of sending positive messages young females in the sport of running and cultivating positive body image and nutrition habits for healthy development. Kara talks openly about her view now on the absolute necessity of fueling well as it contributes to the vitality to sustain a long-term successful running career. Kara also opens up about some of the challenges that she’s faced with her loss of running as a professional with her recent diagnosis of “Runner’s Dystonia,” and what that has meant for her on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Her passion for the sport of running really shines through as she talks about her recent experience as a commentator for NBC, where she’s covered the races that she used to compete in like this year’s Boston Marathon. 

This episode is truly inspiring! You won’t want to miss this heartfelt conversation with Kara Goucher! 

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Episode 25 Meditation For the Athlete-8.png
Episode 32: 
Dr. Kayla Balcom: Vulnerability is not a Weakness

In episode #32 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview Dr. Kayla Balcom, who is a sports psychologist working with the Atlanta Track Club and in independent practice. The episode opens as Dr. Balcom tells her story about growing up immersed in the world of figure skating; she started skating because her mother was a coach and would bring her to her practices at the rink and recalls first stepping on the ice at the age of three! She talks about negotiating the pressures of a highly competitive aesthetic sport and how this formed an athletic identity for her at an early age, as well as her path to becoming a sports psychologist. Her passion for helping athletes improve their performance but also their overall mental health really shines through on this episode!

Dr. Balcom also opens up about potential barriers to access psychology services such as the continued stigma surrounding mental health, the cost, and also not having the awareness of what a psychologist might contribute to overall health. She expands upon the various ways that working with a sports psychologist can be helpful, including improving self talk, dealing with performance pressures, and also mitigating life stresses. 


The episode continues as all three women break down the notion of “being tough,” which is a pervasive, and potentially harmful, message in female and male athletics. Dr. Balcom recognizes that male athletes may have more messages that encourage this “tough-first” mentality and that this message could prevent athletes from seeking help when they wrongly believe that doing so would be perceived as “weak.” As Dr. Balcolm states, “There’s this common theme of ‘if i need help or I am vulnerable, then I am weak’ and ‘weakness and toughness are on opposite ends of the spectrum’...and talking about that is actually not the case and that it’s the strongest most brave thing you can do is to be vulnerable and admit you need help in a certain area!” 


She also emphasizes the importance of investing in mental health as a human-being because that is most integral to health as an athlete. But, again, acknowledges that the choice to pursue mental health can feel very scary and like a big risk to try for those who have not done so before. As she emphasizes, “Everything else can wait because your health and wellness cannot.”


Dr. Balcom also reinforces that student athletes have a significant burden to take on, because of their various responsibilities and also talks about the very troubling increase in suicide rate among student athletes on college campuses, who may feel an extreme amount of pressure and overwhelm. This episode is profound in its exploration of holistic wellness and ways to integrate mental health practices in your life and also within teams and athletic environments. 

This episode could change the way you think about mental health as an athlete!

Atlanta Track Club:

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Episode 25 Meditation For the Athlete-7.png
Episode 31: 
It's Going Tibia Okay: Bone Stress Injuries

In episode #31 of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk in depth about bone stress injuries: what causes them, how to avoid them, and most importantly how to get back to the activities that you love! They start off discussing “RED-s,” or “Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, and talk about how to avoid this and why it is so important to be aware of (HINT: you may not be eating ENOUGH if you are an endurance athlete and eating more could help with performance, mood, and even weight loss). 

They reference some of the issues that came up in their interview with Dr. Courtney Gleason on Episode #30: Dr. Courtney Gleason:RED-s, Menopause, and Bone Health, such as at risk populations for low energy availability and some of the causes of this such as lack of knowledge and/or disordered eating related to body image issues. Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy both discuss certain populations at increased risk for low energy availability and subsequent bone health issues including athletes in “aesthetic” sports or endurance sports and also new mothers. Dr. Kate shares her experience as a new mom and some of the reasons why breastfeeding and getting back into training can mean greater risk for bone stress injuries: listen to find out why!.


The episode continues with a comprehensive discussion of other factors that may contribute to developing bone stress injuries such as biomechanics and training factors. Also in the episode, you will hear what to look for in terms of common signs and symptoms of bone stress injuries. You don’t want to miss this discussion of risk factors and things to be aware of in your training to help prevent bone stress injuries!


Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy then break down how bone stress injuries often begin, what bone stress injuries feel like and “look” like at the muscle to bone interface and explain the “continuum” of bone stress injuries from shin splints to stress reactions to full blown stress fractures. You may be surprised by some of the discussions involving the use of X-rays to detect bone stress injuries; For example did you know that a bone stress injury or stress fracture may not show up on an X-ray for 7-10 days (or longer) and so a “clear” X-ray may not mean you DO NOT have a stress fracture!? Finally, they discuss what rehab and physical therapy looks like coming back from a bone stress injury and why it is important to have guidance as you return to “loading,” and returning to running, of course! 


If you want to know more about bone stress injuries including: ways to reduce risk, common causes, types, locations and ways to treat bone stress injuries, this episode is worth a listen!  


For more on RED-S and specifics regarding female athlete health check out Episode #30: Dr. Courtney Gleason:RED-s, Menopause, and Bone Health


Episode #30: Dr. Courtney Gleason:RED-s, Menopause, and Bone Health



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Episode 30: 
Dr. Courtney Gleason: RED-s, Menopause and Bone Health

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk about all things “Female Athlete” Related with guest Dr. Courtney Gleason, a sports medicine doctor at Emory University and director of Emory’s Female Athlete Program. They talk about Dr. Gleason’s passion and focus on working with female athletes including treating those with RED-S, or “Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport”. They also discuss training through the lifespan as a female athlete including negotiating changes during menopause. 

Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy bring up important issues such as the need to change the running culture and narrative about what it means to be a healthy female athlete. Dr. Kacy shares her personal experience and says “Addressing the culture around this is my mission and I’ve decided it’s my life’s work!”


This episode could change the way you think about fueling your body as a female athlete throughout your career and life!

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gleason or a consult with one of the nutritionists with Emory’s Female Athlete Program; athletes can send an email to


Check Out Information on Emory’s Female Athlete Program Here:


For Information on the Women’s Sports and Wellness Conference:

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Episode 29: 
Pain in The Butt: Proximal Hamstring Injuries

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy break down the anatomy, potential causes, risk factors, and how to manage high hamstring injuries. They talk about things to avoid early in rehab (Stretching!) and the evidence for best exercises (Hint: Eccentrics) and adjunct treatments options for these injuries. You won’t want to miss this one!

Dr. Kacy on PRP treatment for high hamstring tendon injuries: “It (PRP) can be helpful and there is some decent research on it, but I would urge people to find a really good physical therapist and really go through all of the conservative interventions before going that (PRP injection) route…


LINKS to read more about “High Hamstring Injuries”: 

From The Precision PT Team:


From Atlanta Physical Therapist: Dr. Leda McDaniel, PT, DPT, OCS):


#physicaltherapy#hamstringexercises, #running, #runninginjury, #wellnessinsport, #highhamstringinjuries

Episode 28: 
This Episode Slaps: Fitness Trends in 2022

On this fun episode of the podcast, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy discuss "what the kids are saying these days" and word-nerd out on the latest running slang. They also discuss fun fitness trends in 2022 (according to the internet, including weighted hula hoops?!) and continue the conversation by talking about ways athletes can leverage a holistic approach to training and recovery. Get ready for a heated discussion on the benefits/detriment of running without a watch for training runs (can you guess who is arguing which side?!). You'll laugh your way through this one!

From This Episode: 

Dr. Kate: (on a serious note!): "just because you're in a good place (with training for your sport)...doesn't mean there aren't things that can't make you better (as an athlete)"  


"what the kids are saying" Words from this episode:(definitions from Urban Dictionary:

Yeet = "to discard an item at a high velocity"

Drip = adjective to describe your outfit, similar to swag, sauce, swank

Slaps = music that is desirable

Chonky boy = like "chunky", could refer to thick stack shoes (from podcast discussion) 

Sending it (aka full send): an action where the consequences are not thought through "going for it" (from podcast discussion)



Episode 27:
Jen Davis: Athlete Empowered Method

In the episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk with the incredible Dr. Jen Davis.  She was a physical therapist and athlete that found her calling as a mental mindset coach for athletes. She knows what it is like to be an athlete and lose everything, including herself. She help inured and retiring athletes look outside of their sport and thrive.

Instagram: i_am_jendavis

link to schedule a discovery call with Jen:


For providers who want to connect with Jen: 


Episode 26 Amy Yoder Begley (1).png
Episode 26:
Amy Yoder Begley: Culture of Running

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk to US Olympic runner and coach of the Atlanta Track Club. Amy Yoder Begley. Amy speaks candidly about her career as a professional athlete at the Oregon Project, mental health in sports, what it is like to be a female runner and her transition to coaching.

Atlanta Track Club Elite Website:


Social media:




Mary Cain Op Ed:


Amy's article in NY Times:


Pre-order for "How She Did It" by Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery; we discuss the book in the podcast




Episode 25 Meditation Builds Mental and Emotional Agility.png
Episode 25:
Meditation for Athletes

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy dive into why meditation for athletes can improve performance and decrease risk for injury and illness. They talk about the roadblocks to meditation, how to start and a few other programs that are available to help.

Helpful blogs for athletes about mindfulness practice and more:


Mediation Series for athletes & 31 Day Challenge:




Track Dr. Kacy on her 31 day meditation journey!



Follow Dr. Kate as she counties to change the way we see athletes



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Episode 24_ All About Achilles Pain.png
Episode 24: 
All About Achilles Pain

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy discuss everything you need to know about Achilles Pain. They discuss the difference between tendinitis and tendonopathy, why Achilles injuries occur, the rehab process and much more. If you have any questions about your Achilles this is the episodes for you. 



#achillespain #tendonopathy #morethanmilespodcast #katemihevcedwards #runningmedicine #runningpodcast #running #endurancesports #physicaltherapy #heelpain #tendinitis #achilles #run #runatl

Episode 23 GD & EB.png
Episode 23: 
Grainne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell: Keeping Mums Running

This is our first episode interviewing two people! Grainnie Donnelly and Emma Brockwell are physiotherapists in the UK that are on the forefront of research and advocacy for women who want to continue running during pregnancy and postpartum. We discuss their running stories, current projects, return to running guidelines for the postpartum athlete and much more. This is a really fun and interesting conversation. If you have any questions about running during pregnancy this episode is for you!



Go Ahead Stop and Pee:Running During Pregnancy & Postpartum


Racing Heart: A Runner's Journey of Love, Loss & Perseverance


“Why did no one tell me: how to protect, heal and nurture your body through motherhood”



Returning to running postnatal – guidelines for medical, health and fitness professionals managing this population


Considerations for the Postpartum Runner



#morethanmilespodcast #runningpostpartum #runningpregnancy #runningmom #runningmum #running #pelvicfloor #katemihevcedwards #runningpodcast #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #runningdoc #enduranceathletes

Episode 22 Genie Beaver.png
Episode 22: 
Genie Beaver: Creating a Community of Running

In this episode we talk with Genie Beaver, the owner of WestStride, a specialty running store in Atlanta. We discuss her running story, how she built her business and the incredible running community at Westside.  We also discuss what it is like to be a female business owner in this industry.


IG: @weststride

#morethanmiles#physicaltheraphy#running#runningstores#runningstory#specialtyrunningstore#westride#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance

Episode 21 Kelsey Beckmann.png
Episode 21: 
Kelsey Beckmann: Fueling For Performance

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy spoke with sports dietitian Kelsey Beckman. Kelsey is a badass runner and female business owner who qualified for the Olympic trials and is the owner of Meteor Nutrition where she teaches athletes how to fuel performance. We discuss nutrition for endurance athletes, data overwhelm, her love for running, the difference between nutritionists and dieticians. We also dispel the “lighter is faster” myth and focus on “nourishment over numbers.”

Instagram: @sportsdietitiankelsey


#runningnutrition #endurancenutrition #physicaltherapy #sportsnutrition #hungry #athletes #morethanmilespodcast #katemihevcedwards #runningdoc #fuelforperformance #mentalhealth #eatingdisorders #lighterisnotfaster #runningperformace #peakperformance #nurishmentovernumbers #eatingforinjury

Episode 20 Jarryd Wallace-5.png
Episode 20:
Jarryd Wallace: A Bronze Medalist, Baby !

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk with paralympic athlete and 2021 paralympic bronze medalist,  Jarryd Wallace. We discuss what it is like to be a professional runner including the pressure to perform, injurie and mental health. He talks about his long road to success - including all the ups and downs of being an athlete and having a strong athletic identity.  During our discussion, Jarryd was incredibly open and vulnerable about stress, anxiety and panic attacks and how it impacted his life and training. This is a must listen for anyone that wants to be inspired.

IG:@ wallace_jarryd



Sponsors: Toyota, ATC/Mizuno, Xiborg, Garden of Life

#amputeerunner #athleticidentity #jarrydwallace #katemihevcedwards #mentalhealth #mentalhealthinsports #paraolympicathletes

#paraolympicmedal2021 #paraolympicrunner #professionalrunners #runninginjuries #morethanmilespodcast #runningpodcast #professionalathlete #professionalrunner

Episode 19 Gait Analysis-4.png
Episode 19: 
Gait Analysis: Behind The Foot Strike

In this episodes Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talked about the intricacies of Gait Analysis. They discuss what we look at during gait analysis and Why. They explain cadence manipulation, various gait retraining cues and much more.

Online Gait Analysis 

#balance#bodypain#bodystrength#endurance#gaitanalysis#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance

Episode 18 Carrie Tollefson-2.png
Episode 18: 
Carrie Tollefson: For the Love of Running

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interviews former Olympic athlete and elite runner Carrie Tollefson. This is a really fun conversation about Carrie's lifetime of running, her many accomplishments and her running story. Carrie has given so much to the running world and her love of running is apparent in every way possible.



Social Media:

IG: carrie_tollefson


Podcast: C Tolle Run:

#Sports Medicine #carrietollefson #running #eliterunner #femaleathlete #morethanmilespodcast #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #runningcamp #olympicrunner #runningpodcast

Episode 17 Abby Keenan.png
Episode 17: 
Abby Keenan: Mental Skills Training

Join us as we interview certified mental performance consultant, Abby Keenan of Intrepid Performance. This conversation was all about the mental game of running, her personal experience running and how it shaped her current practice. We discuss how to improve your performance by addressing your mental health.



Instagram: @intrepidperf

#outofourcomfortzone #bigthingscoming #olympicathletes #Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance 

Episode 16_ welcome to season 2.png
Episode 16: 
Welcome to Season Two:

This short episode is all about what we learned in our first podcasting season, what our audience can expect over the next season and just a little bit of the inside scoop!

Season One:

#outofourcomfortzone #bigthingscoming #olympicathletes #Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance 

More Than Miles Podcast.png
Episode 15: 
Steve DeMoss: Running Shoes & Much More

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview Steve DeMoss of Big Peach Running Company, a specialty running stores in metro Atlanta. We discuss the history and evolution of running shoes. We go into detail about the differences in running shoes, the materials, research about running shoes and injury and so much more. 

#runningshoes #nikevaporfly #hoka #brooks #mizuno #Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance 

Episode 14 Bridget Belyeu.png
Episode 14: 
Dr. Bridget Belyeu: Running Postpartum

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview Elite runner Bridget Belyeu. We discuss Bridget's running journey, her experience leading up to the olympic trials, what is was like running during pregnancy and how she is adjusting postpartum. 

Miles to Motherhood:

(Also available on IGTV of Atlanta Track Clubs instagram)


Instagram: @b_lyons


Atlanta Track Club Instagram:



#atlantatrackclubelite #atlantatrackclub #femalerunners #Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #pelvichealth #SUI #Peeingwhenrunning #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloorathletes #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 9Jackie Merrit Ultramarathons and Pregnancy.png
Episode 13: 
Dr. Jackie Merritt: Ultramarathons & Pregnancy

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview Dr. Jackie Merritt neuroscientist, physical therapist, author, ultramarathoner and mom. We get to hear all about the details of preparing for and running an unltramarathon, her relationship with running, trail racing and what it is like to run during pregnancy. 

Here is the link to Jackie’s first race, the JFK Ultramarathon


Western states:

Western States Interview:


Jackie’s book: Talia and the tiny T-cells


Some of Jackie’s stats


Kate’s book:


Instagram: @J_palm_

#ultramarathons #femalerunners #Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #pelvichealth #SUI #Peeingwhenrunning #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloorathletes #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 12_ Dr. Blair Green.png
Episode 12: 
Dr. Blair Green: Pelvic Health in Athletes

This is an incredible episode that covers everything you will ever need to know about the pelvic floor whether you have had a baby or not. Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy interview their colleague, Dr. Blair Green PT, DPT, OCS, PHC about the importance of the pelvic floor for all athletes, in all stages of life. They lay out when it is appropriate for someone to see a pelvic floor specialist (always!) and what a typical appointment is like. 

Articles and Resources we discussed:


Article about triathletes and PFD prevalence:,_Pelvic.18.aspx


Estrogenic Foods


Article for Diaphragm-PF piston


To contact Blair: 





Instagram: @catalyst_ga

#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #pelvichealth #SUI Peeingwhenrunning #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloorathletes #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 11 All About That Bass Dead Butt Syndrome.png
Episode 11: 
All About the Bass: Dead Butt Syndrome

Beware, this episode is full of laughing, giggles and butt puns. We just couldn’t help ourselves. The main message of this episode is that we can’t just blame the butt, it is about so much more.  We must think about running posture, the neuromuscular connections and strengthening the hips, core and glutes functionally. 


Dr. Kacy and Dr. Kate also spend some time defining “dead butt syndrome” and debunking common myths discussed in the media. 

The MoBo board for intrinsic mm. Strength and balance:


Sign up for the Running Athlete course for Healthcare providers:


A few of the blogs we have written about DBS and hip drop:














#deadbuttsyndrome #glutes #runnersbutt #weakglutes #weakbutt #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 10 Eric Heintz Behind The Scenes at Atlanta Track Club.png
Episode 10: 
Eric Heintz: The Atlanta Track Club & The Peachtree Roadrace

The Atlanta Track Club is best known for the Peachtree Road Race but how else does it contribute to the thriving running culture in the metro Atlanta area? We ask this question and means more of Eric Heintz, the track club's Director of High Performance. In this interesting and fun conversation we cover everything from the many programs the track club is involved in, to how Eric started running and yes, we even discuss the upcoming 2021 Peachtree Road Race, Tune to this episode and hear how the Atlanta Track Club supports their community in so many ways. Ps....have you ever hear of COVID sniffing dogs? Neither had we!








Websites: (elite team)

#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runatl #peachtreeroadrace #10k #eliterunners #atltrackclub#precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 9_ What's the Nerve Got to Do With it_ .png
Episode 09: 
What's The Nerve Got To Do With It?

Neural tension is a common issue amongst athletes, but is often missed. Neural tension can present itself as tight muscles, stretching or pain. In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy dive deep into what neural tension is, how to test if you have it, why it's important and what to do about it. 


Check out one of our recent blogs on neural tension:


What to see if you have neural tension? The slump test is a great way to tap into the nervous system:

However, it is best not to treat it yourself, nerves are much easier to flare up than muscles. 


#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #nueraltension #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 8 Coach Carl The Common Sense Co
Episode 08: 
Coach Carl Leivers: The Common Sense Coach

Have you ever wondered if you should get a running coach? In this episode Dr. Kate & Dr. Kacy talk with coach Carl Leivers about what a coach does, how coaching can be helpful for injury prevention as well as improving performance. By the end of the episode we hope you can see how valuable a coach can be!


Interested in contacting Coach Carl (you should be!) (and / or


You can also check out:

Use the code COACHCARL20 for 20% off a PodiumPass Membership


#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #runningcoach #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #stressisstress

Episode 7 Dr. Kensa Gunter Mental Health
Episode 07: 
Dr. Kensa Gunter: Mental Health & Wellness in Sport

This is episode is one you don't want to miss! In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk with the incredible sports psychologist, Dr. Kensa Gunter. Mental health is a continuum from wellness to illness and we all function somewhere on that continuum. This episode dives deep into how mental and emotional health impacts athletes performance, when they suffer an injury and in everyday life.


#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #mentalhealth&wellness #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #performance #sportspsychology

Episode 06_ Knee Pain_ What you %22Kneed
Episode 06: 
Knee Pain: What you Kneed to Know. 

Knee pain is the number one injury in runners and triathletes. In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy go into depth about common injuries at the knee, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of the knee. They talk extensively about how the knee is often a victim of the joint above and below. 

Episode 05_ I'm_Not_Overtraining2.png

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy talk all about overtraining, The signs and symptoms, what it means, there experience with overtraining and how to avoid it. They discuss hear rate variability (HRV), using technology to help stay on top of overtraining and much more. 

Episode 05: 
I'm not Overtraining. Are you?


#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #kneepain #runnersknee#precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury


#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #overtraining #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #runninginjury #HRV #heartratevariability

Episode 04_ Sports Cariology and Return
Episode 04: 
Dr. Jonathan Kim: Sports Cardiology & Return to Endurance Exercise Post COVID-19

In this episode Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy speak with Sports Cardiologist, Dr. Jonathan Kim about what athletes needs to know about their heart. We discuss return to exercise post COVID-19, signs and symptoms of cardiac disease and much more.

If you would like more information or are super nerds like us here are two articles that will give you more information:


Return to Play post COVID-19 infographic:

Screening of Potential Cardiac Involvement in Competitive Athletes Recovering From COVID-19:

If you would like to contact Dr. Kim:

Twitter: @jonathankimmd



#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #cardiacdzinathletes #arvc #sportscardiology #athleticheart #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards 

Episode 03_ Why Anorexia and Mental Heal
Episode 03: 
Why Anorexia & Mental Health Needs to Be Addressed in Endurance Medicine: A Personal Story

This episode is Dr.Kacy's personal story of her struggle with Anorexia Nervosa, the mental health implications and the evolution and recovery of eating disorders and mental illness in sports. They discuss the importance of a good support network, asking for help and even the stigma around getting help and taking medication.   Through Dr. Kacy's story we discuss how running and sports can and does impact those struggling with eating disorders and mental health positively and negatively.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, here is a resource that Dr. Kacy suggests. National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA):

If you or someone you know is ready to ask for help here is a good resource: Talkspace online therapy:

Want to follow Dr. Kacy? She has a personal blog and you can follow her on Instagram: @kace.pace



#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #Anorexia #mentalhealth #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #cardiacdiseaseinathletes #athleticheart 

Ep 02_ Why it Took Nearly Dying to Recog
Episode 02: 
Why it Took Nearly Dying to Recognize Athletes are More Than Their Sport. 

This episode is Dr.Kate's personal story of nearly dying while training for a half Ironman for a rare, genetic cardiac disease called ARVC. Dr. Kacy and Dr. Kate discuss signs and symptoms of cardiac disease in athletes, what it is like to lose the something you love and how to move forward after. 

In this episode Dr. Kate and Kacy talk about Dr. Kate's book Racing Heart: A Runner's Journey of Love, Loss and PerseveranceIt is a great resource for anyone who has ARVC, has struggled with losing something they love and needs motivation and hope. 

If you are looking for a new Garmin watch that can monitor heart rate and irregularities we recommend the Garmin Forerunner 735XT Mulitisport

Meditation is a way for athletes to calm their mind and down regulate their nervous system. Research has found many health benefits to meditation. We like both the Calm Ap and Headspace if you are looking for something to get you started.

Form Yoga Studio is a female owned, life changing yoga studio located in Decatur, GA. If you don't live nearby, Form has an incredible online platform with hundreds of classes to choose from. Dr. Kate's favorite yoga studio 

Sports Cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Kim

Johns Hopkins ARVC program



#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #ARVC #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards #cardiacdiseaseinathletes #athleticheart 

More than miles EP01.png
Episode 01: 
Why Running Medicine is Important & How Creating a Supportive Work Culture Helps

In their first episode, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy discuss the importance of treating endurance athletes holistically. They stress the importance of listening to their athletes needs, watching them run and truly understanding them as a person, not just an athlete. Dr Kate and Dr. Kacy explain what running medicine is, the origin of Precision Performance and Physical therapy, and building a culture of care and fun in the workplace.

In this episode we talked about finding the right PT or Medical practitioner for the sport you do. If you are looking for someone in your area you can email us at: to connect you with someone in our network. If you are in the greater Atlanta area click here for our clinic, we have two locations: Atlanta, near Emory University and Serenbe, about 50 minutes south of Atlanta. We are also about to open a third location in Smyrna, GA, north or Atlanta this spring.

If you are a healthcare provider that wants to learn more about treating this population there are many resources available. Dr. Kate is teaching a course in April 2021 focusing on the running athlete skewed towards the female athlete. Stay tuned for more courses. You can also join Dr. Kate's FB group: Treating and caring for the endurance athlete to connect with other like-minded practitioners. The APTA running section also has several resources about available courses. 

#Physical therapy #runningmedicine #gaitanalysis #precisionptatl #precisionptserenbe #morethanmiles #endurancemedicine #runningdocs #running #triathlon #endurancesports #enduranceathleteguru #katemihevcedwards

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