Online Course: Introduction to Whole Health

Online Course: Introduction to Whole Health


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Stop sitting in the same room as the lion. Thousands and thousands of years ago we knew how to rest when we needed to rest and run when we needed to run. Our bodies nervous system was primed to up regulate when we were in trouble and had to get out of the situation - like running away from a lion. Our body also knew how and when to down regulate so it could rest and repair.


In today's fast-paced world our body can no longer determine when our nervous system should be heightened or at rest. Health and wellness is a BIG topic and there is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming. 


This course is taught by Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards, a highly sought after physical therapist and orthopedic specialist. It is an introduction to understand YOUR body and how it works. We will talk about why we get injured or become ill and what we can do about it. This course is based in science and medicine. It will address the most recent research and give you strategies to get yourself on track and well. 


This is the first of four online courses.