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31 Day Meditation Challenge

31 Day Meditation Challenge

Meditation is a not-so-secret, secret weapon. I believe that if everyone would meditate just 10 minutes a day the world would be a MUCH better and healthier place. I am on a mission to sign people up! If you are a patient of mine your'e in trouble because I have put in the work, created this challenge and you no longer have an excuse to not do it. If you aren't a patient of mine then just maybe this will be the key to never getting on my table. 


This is for people who have never meditated, meditated for years, occassionally dip their toes in...basically this is for YOU!


This challenge includes:

  • 31 guided meditations
  • A quick introduction about meditation, the benefits and how to do it
  • A downloadable tracking sheet to keep you honest
  • A BIG HUGE virtual (and maybe) in person high five for anyone who signs up- because obviously you're awesome


You will receive instructions on how to access this course upon purchase. You can email us with any questions or difficulties at: admin@katemihevcedwards. com

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