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14  Day Meditations For The Injured Athlete

14 Day Meditations For The Injured Athlete

Getting injured sucks, there is no other way to put it.  Especially when exercise and movement are what you use as stress relief. I created this meditation series because I have been injured on many occasions, I treat injured athletes all the time and I know how much being injured can impact our moods, happiness and productivity. This series is to help you stay focused, get out of your funk or just have something else to focus on while you are healing


Included in this series:


  • 14 guided meditations
  • 14 Daily reflections
  • Daily tracking sheet
  • A huge fist pump from me because you are awesome for doing this


You will receive instructions on how to access this course upon purchase. You can email us with any questions or difficulties at: admin@katemihevcedwards. com

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