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I Build Strong, Resilient Runners Through Education, Treatment & Collaboration. All My Endeavors Lead Back to Helping Athletes. There is More to Health Than Just Putting in The Miles. 

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I am a physical therapist, author, speaker & educator helping to widen the lens on treating and caring for runners. Runners and those who care for them often believe that the definition of success depends on physical performance of their bodies and how well they do at a race. Even though we love it, the culture of running is often unhealthy and leads to serious injuries, confidence issues and health concerns. I am changing that right now. I believe our sport and our athletes deserve better. 


Through 14+ years of successfully treating thousands of frustrated athletes while navigating my own injuries and health struggles, I know and believe that an athlete's success is so much more than their body or their sport. I also know that connecting with the whole athlete requires the tools, knowledge, clarity, and confidence to grasp the complexities and depth of what these people need to perform and be well within and outside of their sports.


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