Show Notes:

Episode 01: 
Why Running Medicine is Important & How Creating a Supportive Work Culture Helps

In their first episode, Dr. Kate and Dr. Kacy discuss the importance of treating endurance athletes holistically. They stress the importance of listening to their athletes needs, watching them run and truly understanding them as a person, not just an athlete. Dr Kate and Dr. Kacy explain what running medicine is, the origin of Precision Performance and Physical therapy, and building a culture of care and fun in the workplace.

In this episode we talked about finding the right PT or Medical practitioner for the sport you do. If you are looking for someone in your area you can email us at: to connect you with someone in our network. If you are in the greater Atlanta area click here for our clinic, we have two locations: Atlanta, near Emory University and Serenbe, about 50 minutes south of Atlanta. We are also about to open a third location in Smyrna, GA, north or Atlanta this spring.

If you are a healthcare provider that wants to learn more about treating this population there are many resources available. Dr. Kate is teaching a course in April 2021 focusing on the running athlete skewed towards the female athlete. Stay tuned for more courses. You can also join Dr. Kate's FB group: Treating and caring for the endurance athlete to connect with other like-minded practitioners. The APTA running section also has several resources about available courses. 

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