Whole Health Level 1: Your Physical Body

Whole Health Level 1: Your Physical Body

Launching January 2022


No matter who you are or what you do. Without a strong foundation you are unable to to perform at your highest level. Yoiu must choose to recognize that you are more than your physical body and yet, you must be responsible and take care of your body to the best of your ability. Your body is the vehicle you live in every single day. 


This course builds on the concepts first introduced in the Introductory to Whole Health course. It dives deeper into the physcial body and gives the attendees the framework for building a stronger body and foundation. 


We discuss:

1. Basic principals of elevating the human body for better performance

2. How to control the inputs and outputs of our nervous system to help keep it regulated and in balance

3. Learn how to recognize when our system is not in equalibrium before we get sick or injured

4. Grow the depth of our toolbox to help build resilliance


This is the second of four online courses.