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My 21-Day Cleanse

I don't make New Year's resolutions. I never really have, and I am not sure why. It may be that my former perfectionist self was always afraid of failing (this topic could fill many pages!!), or maybe I am simply too lazy. Even though I do not make resolutions, I still think the beginning of the year is a great time to reassess what I am doing and look at my current habits, good or bad. The new year is a perfect time for a "reset."

About twice a year, my yoga studio, Form Yoga, holds a cleanse. Typically, it is a 12-day cleanse, in which we give up coffee, processed foods and much more. Every time I do it I feel great. The cleanse is about much more than food and losing weight, but I often lose four to six pounds, which is a huge bonus! Throughout the cleanse, we have guided meditations and a Facebook group page to talk on and use to support one another. This year, the studio has decided to do a level two cleanse for 21 days.

I am very excited AND nervous because I love my coffee (even though I mostly drink decaf because of my heart), I love food and, mostly, I love chocolate. I purposely choose this cleanse because you can eat a ton of good food, so I know I won't be starving. So today I am spending part of the day cooking...I have found that being prepared for the week is truly the only way to succeed. I am making (link: text: beet soup) and freezing it. I love this recipe and have been making it periodically for over a year.

I am also making (link: text: garlic parmesean spaghetti squash with mushrooms), (link: text: cauliflower "steaks")and (link: text: Moroccan carrot and chickpea salad). It is no small feat shredding four cups of carrots! I will let you know how the recipes taste - they look and smell very good.

In additon to preparing for the cleanse by cooking, the suggestion is to wean yourself off of coffee the week before. So in true Kate fashion, I ate Indian food two days in a row, ate a chocolate bar and a croissant today and have been chugging coffee every chance I get...haha. I don't think this is what they had in mind! I really love coffee. I even got my very first espresso and cappucino maker for Christmas - Amazon delivered it tonight. I guess it will still be shiny and bright in 21 days...

I will keep you posted on how it is going, along with any yummy recipes I might have!

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