• Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It was raining, and the fog was so thick you could barely see 50 feet in front of you as we crested the mountain. We had just crossed the border some Italy to Slovenia and were heading to Ljubljana. My family is originally from this small city in Slovenia, and I have always wanted to see what it was like. When we decided to come to Italy, we couldn’t resist traveling to Ljubljana, since it was so close.

The car ride from the Venice airport took approximately 2.5 hours. Once the fog cleared, beautiful green hills, farms and trees surrounded us. We rented another Airbnb for our four-day stay in Ljubljana, and when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised. Our host was unable to meet us because we were a little early, so his mother did instead. She was very helpful; she showed us where to park and walked us to the flat. It was a little chilly, and it was drizzling outside, but I was already smiling from ear to ear. I can’t explain it, but I immediately felt at home.

The flat is located adjacent to a square and a park on one side and next to the river on the other. It is on the third floor and has at least 80 steps to the top. Once again, I had to take it slowly because of my heart, but poor Brian had to lug all three of our large bags up the stairs by himself! Needless to say, he was exhausted!

The flat is three rooms - a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/living space.

Our hosts even made up a small bed for Andy, and the internet actually worked (unlike the unpredictable internet in Venice). The flat is in the perfect location. From our three large windows, we have a gorgeous view of the river, the castle and the lively town below.

The people are so friendly here. I don’t know why I was surprised! Everywhere we went, people were smiling, laughing loudly (it reminded me so much of my family) and trying to tease Andy. He, of course, was hamming it up the entire time. I didn’t realize that nearly everyone would speak English well, and many of the signs are in both Slovenian and English.

Once we were settled in, we took off to look around. Brian stopped at the bank to get some money out, but his account was locked. Prior to coming, we put the bank on travel notice, but for some reason he still had a fraud alert on his account. He then had to spend the next hour on the phone with Bank of America to get it resolved. Luckily, we were in a square with a large statue in the middle that Andy decided was a rocket ship, so we went on many trips to the moon!

After much frustration, everything was settled. Dinner was across the river from our flat. It was no longer raining, but it was still cool. Luckily, all of the restaurants had heated lamps. I ordered a local Slovenian wine (the house wine) for 2,50 euros, and it was delicious! I still wasn’t feeling great, so I decided I would order a salad and stay away from gluten and dairy for a few days.

Now, we are back in the flat getting warm and settling in for the night. I can’t wait to explain Slovenia - there seems to be a lot to do, and the people are great. From our flat window, we can hear cheering, laughter and people having a good time!

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