• Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT

I made it!

I survived the cleanse! In fact, I did more than survive - I loved it.

The first few days were hard because I was tired, grouchy and had a headache, but as the days progressed I felt much better. There were challenges along the way, but I ultimately felt better, and I even lost eight pounds!

I learned....

1. How to be prepared. I found that if I got in the habit of cooking two times a week I had no problems. I cooked cleansing soups and froze them in case I ran out of time. I made big dishes of veggies that were easy to grab, and I made jars of fresh juice in case I started to get tired.

2. I was eating a lot of sugar. Even though I typically eat a mostly vegan diet, I have a sweet tooth. I make my own chocolate most of the time, but sometimes I don't. Over the holidays, I got into a very bad habit of eating treats, drinking one or more lattes from Starbucks a day and overall eating a lot of sugar without realizing it. Now, I notice if something has too much sugar in it. I even made cookies the other day for my patients, and I only had one since they tasted too sweet.

3. I saved money! I saved money on groceries and at Starbucks (since I didn't go at all) eating this way. What a great bonus.

4. I missed coffee...but I don't need it. I survived not drinking coffee, but it is not something I am willing to give up. The experience is what I like. However, I am now using my latte machine (I LOVE IT), and I am not adding the sugary vanilla syrup. Instead, I use a little cinnamon and vanilla extract. I am saving money and calories - not bad.

5. I love beets. I made the best (link: text: beet hummus). It is to die for.

6. I also really like cauliflower! Who knew? The cleanse is over now, but I bought three heads of cauliflower today because I am going to try and make (link: text: cauliflower wings) for the Super Bowl.

6. Cooking is fun and can be a great way to spend time with Andy. Andy loves to cook with me. Every time I went to cook in the kitchen, he pulled up a chair, put his apron on and "helped" out. Sometimes his helping was eating everything I cut up, but it was fun! I was teaching him simple math (with measuring cups and spoons) and good habits, and he is learning how to cook. I hope his future wife thanks me!

Now that the cleanse has been over for almost a week, I am still feeling good. I have maintained cooking and eating the same way. I am going to try to continue preparing food so I don't eat crap when I am hungry. Morning lattes are the only difference, and I did have one glass of wine last night......:)

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