• Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT

Did That Just Happen?

We have been on the train from Milan to Varenna nearly an hour. We are all a little tired; it has been a long travel day so far. Five hours in the car followed by dropping off the car (trying to throw out all of the sticks and rocks Andy has collected on the way!), dragging the luggage a little over a mile to the train station and hopping on a train. We are so ready for Varenna. It is the little town on Lake Como we will be spending the next two weeks in. Let the relaxing begin!

We pass through a small tunnel and begin to hear the sound of the train’s brakes screeching and the engine slowing the train down as we pull into the station. It is a big project for us to get on and off trains. We have three large bags, two backpacks, a stroller and a three-year-old!

Brian has started to move the bags from our area to the area behind the door - I am a little frantic because we don’t have a lot of time to get off of the train. So, I quickly reach my arm through the backpack strap and…damn it!

I start to scream, “Brian, Brian!” Andy starts crying and I can see tears rolling down his face. I think he is yelling “Mama,” but I am not entirely sure. He is trying to climb on me, and I am holding my left arm and shoulder. Oh crap. It has dislocated again. Things around me get blurry, and I can barely think. Brian doesn’t hear me at first…I am afraid he will get off of the train and leave us. I am trying to hold my arm, get it back in place and stop Andy from climbing on me.

I start to get hot and sweaty. The train has stopped. There is a lot of commotion around me. Andy is scared and screaming, but I can’t do anything I am in so much pain. SO MUCH PAIN. I am trying hard not to throw up all over, pass out or get shocked by my defibrillator. I am afraid.

Finally, I hear myself yelling, “Someone take him! Take him! Take Andy!” Then, Brian is there, and I have him grab my arm. I shout instructions at Brian so he can help me put the shoulder back in.

Minutes later, the shoulder is in. I am in less pain, and I notice the crowd around us. What seems like a very nice Italian mom is holding my screaming child. The train has stopped, and all I can think of is getting off of the train. I am confused. I grab Andy in my right arm and run off of the train. I am hot. I am a little dizzy, and I am definitely in shock.

I look back, and the train hasn’t moved. Brian is standing on the side of the track talking to the conductor. A crowd is staring at me, and a strange man is carrying our luggage off of the tracks. Holy crap. Did that just happen?

This was not how I planned to start my trip to Lake Como! It can only get better from here.

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