• Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT

A little Italian Sunshine goes a Long Way

What I am realizing is that this family needs downtime like nobody else's business! After a few days of exploring, we all start to get cranky. Hanger is a serious problem, and whining (not just from Andy) and overall complaining becomes a little more common. We couldn't have gotten to Follina at a better time because we needed rest.

This was the first part of our trip that was completely unplanned and unscheduled, and it was perfect. We were able to actually enjoy being a family and not worry about what we were seeing or where we were going.

I woke up around 9:00 a.m. to the sounds of Andy and Brian laughing upstairs- they had found Paw Patrol in Italian, and Andy loved it. I had been in and out of sleep all night trying to get comfortable but eventually managed to drift off. I have found that most of the beds in Italy are not nearly as comfortable as they are in the United States. I have now slept in three different beds, and each one is the same – hard as a rock. Sleep may be my favorite thing in the world, and I am beginning to miss my soft Tempurpedic mattress that melts whenever you lie on it…hopefully, the next bed will be more comfortable.

Once I finally got myself up and moving, we took a walk down the dirt road our house was situated on to explore the area. We found fountains with fresh water, Andy picked me lots of wildflowers (most on them died before we got them home because he loved them to death in his little hand) and we walked into the little town. We didn’t know what to expect, but we stumbled on a local pasticceria (pastry shop) that had delicious pastries, fresh croissants and yummy cappuccinos. We sat outside on the front porch and took in the view of the mountains and the sound of everyone around us speaking Italian. I love hearing everyone speak and trying to figure out what they are saying. If you listen long enough to most languages, there are common themes and phrases everyone uses. It was easy to fall in love with this little pastry shop, and we did. It became our go-to breakfast spot for the next couple of days.

On our walk home, Andy ran nearly the entire way (probably the sugar high) and proceeded to run and play outside once we arrived. We found a soccer ball in a cabinet, and he kicked the ball around the yard, picking me flowers and yelling to Brian to chase him.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally use my yoga mat. So I got it out, turned on some music and began my practice. Prior to leaving home I bought a travel yoga mat, and when we were buying it, Andy asked if he could get one. To avoid buying two, Brian quickly said, “Andy, don’t worry; this is a family mat.” At the time, it seemed like the perfect solution.

Not moments after I started my practice, I heard a little voice reminding me that my mat was not mine, it was a “family yoga mat," and that he wanted “to do yoga, too.” So my practice quickly turned from relaxation to play. In the end, Andy and I had a great time, and I got a good workout with him riding on my back or hanging from my arms during various poses!

When Andy finally took his nap (yay!! Thank God for naps!), Brian and I drank a little local prosecco and lounged around in the outdoor living area. We finally had a little time to talk to each other. I know that seems crazy, but if you are a parent, you know what I mean. It is possible to spend an entire day with your partner and never speak to him about anything other than your child or logistics. It was good for Brian and me to have time to reconnect and have an adult conversation.

It was so nice to be at the house nearly all day and have some down time. It gave our family a chance to reset and remember why we were doing this trip in the first place – to relax, to reconnect and to be together. Today was exactly that.

Now tomorrow…who knows what is in store. We are going for a drive on Prosecco Road with a three-year-old. Wish us luck!

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