More Than Miles

Endurance Athletes and those who care for them often believe that the definition of success depends on physical performance of their bodies and how well they do at a race. But we know and believe that an athlete's success is so much more than their body or their sport. Looking at and caring for the endurance athlete through a wider lens allows them to be well within and beyond their sport. We want to help widen the lens, shed some light and empower endurance athletes and healthcare providers through story telling and expert interviews. 

Our podcast will drop twice a month, on Wednesdays.

Season One:

  • Episode 06_ Knee Pain_ What you %22Kneed

    Episode 06: Knee Pain: What you "Kneed" to Know

  • Episode 05_ I'm_Not_Overtraining2.png

    Episode 05: I'm Not Overtraining Are you?

  • Episode 04_ Sports Cariology and Return

    Episode 04 Dr. Jonathan Kim: Sports Cardiology & Return to Endurance Exercise Post COVID-19

  • Episode 03_ Why Anorexia and Mental Heal

    Episode 03: Why Anorexia and Mental Health Needs to Be Addressed in Endurance Medicine: A Personal Story

  • Ep 02_ Why it Took Nearly Dying to Recog

    Episode 02: Why it Took Nearly Dying to Recognize Athletes Are More Than Just Their Sport

  • More than miles EP01.png

    Episode 01: Why Running Medicine is Important & How Creating a Supportive Work Culture Helps

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