30 Days Of Gratitude

Thank you for joining me for the 30 days of gratitude. I am glad you are here on this journey with me. I first started practicing gratitude around the same time I began meditating. I had newly been diagnosed with ARVC- a rare genetic heart disease,  and was angry, lost and didn't feel like I have many things to be grateful for. I read many research articles about the benefits of gratitude and still wasn't moved to try it, but eventually I did because I knew I need to change my perspective. I was incredibly surprised my how quickly my perspective on life changed.  It's one thing to see in the research that gratitude can: lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve relationships, create an abundance mindset and  improve overall happiness -  it is another thing to experience the changes for yourself. 


I am hopeful you will get to experience all the benefits gratitude brings into your life over the next 30 days. Each day I will give you a topic or prompt for you to put into practice and reflect on. All you will need to start is a journal and something to write with. Good luck and thank you for trusting me to guide you through this!

Gratitude Tutorial
Daily Gratitude Practice